About Us

New Irvine Community Choir was founded by our Musical Director – Sam Prescott, in January 2013.

The name references the fact that the town of Irvine was the second-last of the “New Towns” in Scotland created as part of the “New Towns Act 1946” after World War II which connects us with the history of Irvine. We also feel that the name keeps the image of the choir fresh and shows that we are always learning and growing as a choir.

Open to everyone, the choir aims to bring the local community and those further afield together through music.

The choir primarily perform 2 main concerts per year. One during the Summer and another at Christmas. We can also be found singing at various other engagements throughout the year when invited. This has included carolling at Christmas, both for charities and events for our own fundraising. In the choir’s first year, we were invited to perform at a Summer Charity Ball in the Hilton Ballroom in Glasgow. We have also performed at special church services when invited and the occasional wedding, which we are very much available for.

Our members enjoy coming together each week for rehearsals in preparation for the various concerts and performances that we take part in each year. We are always grateful for the support shown by our local community and those communities that we visit, as well as from all of our friends and family who come along to see us perform.